How to Practice Electric Guitar without an Electric Guitar


Hey y’all,

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on here.

My creativity has been slightly stunted due to life’s difficulties — COVID-19, familial issues, schoolwork, financial strain, and the list goes on — but a break from school and some time spent with close friends have provided some respite.

I’m feeling more optimistic and finding joy in the little things: cooking, playing with my kitten, smiling at the sun, and journaling daily.

I’m also developing a new passion, funded by the Gould Center again: to learn the electric guitar.

My six-stringed baby arrives on January 14, which means a lot of my current learning and practice has been spurred by my imagination.

I air play along to some sexy Classic Rock riffs.

I’ve been reading and watching videos about music roots, intervals, scales, steps, octaves, and semitones.

And I admire Jimi Hendrix’s guitar play closely, along with other rock gods’.

My anticipation is building.

And I am very excited to share some covers and at least one original song with y’all by the end of this month.

Stay tuned (pun intended).


Toluwani 😉

Additional Resources (I’ll add them as the come):

This YouTube Playlist with guitar lessons and inspiration